Residential Services

Residential Waste Services

Residential Waste Management

Our residential waste management services are a convenient and affordable way to take care of the rubbish build up that your local Brisbane council won’t. We ensure that all waste is disposed of properly, and were possible, recycled. DWASTE offers a once off or ongoing waste collection service all across the Brisbane area.

We provide a large range of bin sizes and types to suit the amount of waste you need collected and the nature of your waste.

Bin Sizes:

  • 1.0 m³
  • 1.5 m³
  • 2.0 m³
  • 3.0 m³
  • 4.5 m³

We also provide plastic wheelie bins in various sizes

  • 120 Litres
  • 240 Litres
  • 660 Litres
  • 1100 Litres

General Waste Collection

Have you missed bin day? Or just have a large build-up of general rubbish? Our general waste collection includes almost all items that cannot be recycled in your recycling bins. Our affordable and efficient service means that whether it’s a once off collection or regular waste disposal, that your garbage will be gone without any hassle.

Paper and Cardboard Recycling

Over time you may find that you end up with a lot of old newspapers or magazines filling the garage, or you may have just moved and your left with stacks of cardboard boxes and packing paper. Don’t throw this paper and cardboard in with the regular garbage. Recycling paper and cardboard saves a huge amount of the earth’s resources and power. This is why we attempt to recycle as much as possible. If you have old paper, cardboard, magazines and the like, we will make sure they are recycled properly.

Special Events Services

Cleaning up after a family gathering is no fun at all, and it’s even worse if you have no way to get rid of the rubbish. We provide all the waste disposal bins for your party or family event and then remove the rubbish for an affordable price.

Weekend Clean ups

Got a big weekend clean-up planned in the garden or emptying the shed? We can provide green waste or any other bin type, so that all the rubbish isn’t hanging around.

Skip Bins

Our skips come in a range of sizes perfect for any home renovation project. With great prices and a convenient service, you’ll love how easy we make getting rid of your rubbish.

  • 4 m³
  • 6 m³
  • 10 m³
  • 15 m³
  • 30 m³

Contact DWASTE today for more information on any of our residential waste removal services. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and we’ll provide you with an obligation-free quote on any of our services.